Choosing paper bags to respect the environment, two case studies.

Paper bags to respect the environment, Apple Inc. and Zee-bags.

The carrier bag remains today a widespread packaging solution. This is true for both big retail chains as well as for small shops. And not only for its functionality or its ease of use but, above all, as a powerful brand dissemination tool. The carrier bag then conveys many messages related to the mission and the values of your business. Among the latter, those linked to sustainability and environmental issues are becoming more and more important today.

For these reasons, choosing paper bags to respect the environment is becoming increasingly popular, all over the world and at many levels. Paper Carrier Bags, in fact, have considerable advantages compared to plastic ones from an environmental point of view. Among all, the renewability of the raw material – the wood – and the reduced time of biodegradability for the final product.

Paper bags to respect the environment: Apple Inc.

New Apple Paper Carrier Bags (source:

Apple Inc. case study


Among the large companies that have chosen paper bags to respect the environment, we would like to mention Apple Inc.. We all know the products of this famous American high-tech enterprise. Few know, however, that not many months ago Apple Inc. has decided to replace all of its plastic bags with paper carrier bags. This important change was conceived and implemented as a choice consistent with the values of sustainability on which Apple Inc. believe.

Paper bags to respect the environment: Zee-Bags

Zee-Bags (source:

Zee-bags case study


The second case of use of paper bags to respect the environment is from Pakistan. Here, a nine year old girl called  Zymal Umar is now manufacturing Carrier Bags from old newspapers. Her company is called Zee -Bags and has already been appreciated abroad.

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