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Our Production of Paper Carrier Bags.

The production of Paper Carrier Bags at Ecocart Spa is made 100% in-house, by our highly skilled technicians. We also carefully select paper, inks, cotton and all raw materials. We want to offer to our customers only the best Italian quality for each bag. By using the latest manufacturing and printing machinery, we produce with continuity and attention to detail. This means we deliver your custom bags on time and without imperfections. We also have a warehouse in our production site, where we stock our plain bags for prompt delivery.

Our key strengths.

The latest technologies and the quality management system we have implemented are our strength. Together with the expertise of our technicians, they make our products really distinctive on the market. We base our production of Paper Carrier Bags on a simple principle: everything should be made in-house and on-site. This allows us to have full control at all stages of the production, printing and delivery processes. And gives you the guarantee of a premium Italian quality.

Ongoing investments, the most modern flexographic printers, carefully selected raw materials and the skills of our technicians allow us to keep quality standards high. We also invest in innovation and training. Because, we believe that keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and looking for perfection are both essential to offer the best to our customers.

Finally, our production of Paper Carrier Bags is also respectful of the environment. We only use FSC-Certified Paper, water-based Inks and have implemented a recycling system for production waste.

For all these reasons, twenty years later, Ecocart’s customers still appreciate our products, on both the Italian and the European markets.

  With us Your Brand is in Good Hands!

The different stages of the production of paper carrier bags.

The different stages of the production of paper carrier bags.

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