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Ecocart Spa, an Italian Plc Company specialising in the production of Custom Paper Carrier Bags and in the latest Flexographic Printing techniques.

Main entrance of our company's headquarters. Bari, Apulia, Italy.

Main entrance of our Company’s Headquarters.

About our Company. Founded over twenty years ago, we have been since then a leading Manufacturer of Paper Carrier Bags. We also specialise in their customisation using the latest Flexographic Printing techniques. Our wide range has been designed focusing on three key elements: design, resistance and strength. We only use carefully selected raw materials and the latest technologies. In addition, we only produce in-house and on-site. All our bags are then 100% Made in Italy. This means we can offer to our customers high quality products at the best prices on the market.

Our Paper Carrier Bags come in four different kinds. The simplest and cheapest is the Plain while the most sophisticated is the Luxury. We also have Custom Paper Carrier Bags with Twisted Handles or Flat Handles. Bespoke options, like for example type of paper, UV printing and lamination are available for all of them.

Our Company's Meeting Room and Showroom.

Our Company’s Meeting Room and Showroom.

How we have been evolving.

As a Company we have been growing steadily and adapted to the ever-changing needs of our customers. This allowed us to maintain a significant position in both the Italian and the European markets, appreciated by clients in Italy and abroad.

The use of the latest Flexographic Printing Technologies, as well as the constant selection for sourcing the best raw materials allow us to keep our quality standards very high.

Our Company's stand at Trade Fairs.

Our Company’s stand at Trade Fairs.

How we operate.

We operate in a specific and demanding market, composed of boutiques and companies that want to use a Paper Carrier Bag as a powerful advertising medium. This means our product has to be highly representative of our customers’ brand, for a successful strategic marketing. Some of our experience also comes from the continued attendance at trade fairs, in Italy and abroad. During these events, we have a chance to find out more on the latest trends in the sector and network with manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and so on. Thanks to this we can also learn about new techniques and implement them to improve our production or printing processes.

We like paying special attention to the environment by using only FSC-Certified Paper and Water-Based Inks. We have also implemented a Recycling System for leftovers. As a leading Company, we aim to achieve the minimum environmental impact for our production.

We also believe that the latest technologies combined with the pursuit of perfection are both necessary to achieve the highest quality standards. As the attention to customers needs and flexibility.

In the name of all these values we can still say that with Ecocart Spa your brand is in good hands!


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