Mission and Environment

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Our mission and core values.

Our mission: become a benchmark for all our current and potential customers who want a distinctive Paper Carrier Bags to represent their brand. To achieve this ambitious goal we have committed to offering the most modern design as well as the highest printing quality at all times. Ecocart Spa also commit to use only carefully selected raw materials and the latest eco-friendly technologies.

Mission and Environment Ecocart Spa Italy - Mission Environment

Our respect of the environment.

Putting together the needs of the planet and those of a high quality production is crucial for us, as an integral part of our brand. To make this a real, for every single Paper Carrier Bag we sell, we have chosen to:

  • use only water-based inks, prepared with an automatic mixer equipped with a recycling system,
  • offer bags made of 100% FSC-Certified paper, coming from responsibly managed forests or recycled,
  • implement a recycling system for production waste.

Respect to the nature by Ecocart Spa Italy - Mission Environment

Mission and Environment areĀ  in our caseĀ  two intertwined concepts and one unique thing. We believe that doing quality business goes together with respecting the environment. We invest in a sustainable and responsible production model. We want to offer a quality product, following these important principles. With our twenty years experience, we are able to give our customers trendy and eco-friendly Paper Carrier Bags.

All our production is inspired by Ecocart’s sustainability values and mission. Another strength of our company.