All the advantages of FSC-Certified Paper Bags

FSC Certified Paper Bags









If we take a moment to look around us, we can see that many things we use on a daily basis are either made of paper or put into something containing paper. The packet of our favourite tea or fruit juice, a newspaper or the magazine we read during our coffee break, envelopes, carrier bags, for example.

You may have asked yourself where all this paper comes from.

As you know, wood is the raw material at the beginning of the paper production process. Through many consecutive steps, wood and its fibres get transformed, in order to produce all the paper-made objects we see and use on a daily basis.

The paper industry is then deeply connected to forest management and forestry. As wood is a raw material that needs time to renew, it is essential that forests are managed carefully. It is also essential that we use wood sourced from forests managed according to sustainability principles, to avoid deforestation.

Guided by a vision inspired by these principles, many different companies and non-profits organisations have found the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) in 1993. The FSC operates on an international level and promotes sustainable forestry. The FSC also certifies forests sustainably managed and products made of wood sourced from these forests. This makes possible to combine the needs of business with those of mother nature.

Duplex, Kec, Coated and Recycled FSC Papers

Duplex, Kec, Coated and Recycled FSC Papers.

That is why here at Ecocart we have chosen to produce only FSC Certified Paper Bags. Because we believe our products have to be sustainable as well as elegant, resistant and robust. In addition, as we want to satisfy even the most attentive customers, we offer the recycled paper option as well.


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